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And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh - Luke 21:28


Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh - Matthew 24:32

Iran Vows to "Accelerate" Arming of Terrorists in Israel

Iran Claims to Have Shot Down Israeli Drone Near Nuclear Facility

IDF Kills Hamas "Finance Minister" and Two Senior Hamas Terrorists

Israel Conduct More Airstrikes in Gaza, Topples 7-Story Building

Gaza Terrorists Pelt Israeli Border Communities With More Rockets

Israelis Angry About Continuing Attacks From Gaza Terrorists

Terrorist Rocket From Gaza Hits Israeli Synagogue, Several Wounded

Terrorists Fire Rockets at Israeli Kibbutz

Hamas Rocket Kills 4-Year-Old Boy in Southern Israel

Hamas Supports Prosecuting Israel in International Criminal Court

Gaza Terrorists Target Israeli Kindergartens With Rockets

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets at Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva, One Man Wounded

Shots Fired at North Jerusalem House From Arab Neighborhood

Weapons Flow Into Gaza From Egypt Despite Crackdown

Hamas Publicly Executes 18 More "Israeli Collaborators"

Hamas Leader Vows to "Liberate Palestine" After Israel Kills Commanders

Israel Calls Up 10,000 Reservists

Hamas Official Admits They Kidnapped, Murdered Three Israeli Teens

Israel Kills Three Senior Hamas Commanders in Airstrike

Hamas Rockets Hit Israeli Kindergarten, Adult Wounded

. . .168 Rockets Fired From Gaza in One Day

Israeli Official: Israel Close to Full-Scale Invasion of Gaza

Israeli Officials Unhappy With Way Israel Is Prosecuting War Against Hamas

Egyptian Court Convicts Israeli, Jordanian of Spying

Hamas Ends Ceasefire by Firing Rockets at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Southern Israel

Israel Targets Hamas Commander's House After Ceasefire Ends

. . .Mohammed Deif Still Alive

. . .Deif's Wife, Daughter Dead

Israeli Politicians Call for Tougher Response to Gaza Rocket Attacks

Missing Israeli Soldier Found Dead

Qatar Threatened to Expel Hamas' Khaled Masha'al Over Cairo "Peace" Talks

US Expresses No Concern Over Senior Hamas Leader in Turkey

Pakistani Journalist in UK Justifies Rise of Global Anti-Semitism

Israel Giving Up Security in Return for Hamas Truce in Treaty

Israel Discovers, Thwarts Hamas Plan to Violently Overthrow PLO

Hamas Leader, PLO President to Meet in Qatar Despite Hamas Coup Attempt

Israel: Qatar Will Soon Be Second Largest Sponsor of Global Terrorism

Hamas Leader Mesha'al's Popularity Increases in Gaza Despite Destruction

US Defends Arms Sales to Turkey In Spite of Hamas Ties

Israeli Ambassador Defies UK's "Israel Free Zone"

US Bombs ISIS Terrorist Targets in Iraq, Fighting Not Over for Mosul Dam

Hamas Threatens Renewal of Attacks on Israel

Israel Responds: We're Prepared to Resume Fighting

IDF Finds Tunnel Openings in Gaza Border Towns

Arab Knesset Members Visit Qatar, Supporter of Hamas

Smuggled Letter Out of Gaza Reveals Suffering Under Hamas Rule

IDF Demolishes Homes of Jewish Teens' Murderers

Qatar to Donate $1,000 to Each Family Whose Home in Gaza Was Destroyed

Arabs Demand NBC Punish Joan Rivers for Pro-Israel Comments

UK Supermarket Chain Removes Non-Israeli Kosher: We Support Hamas

President Halted Hellfire Missile Shipment to Israel

Islamic Jihad Terrorists Promise to Agree to Ceasefire With Israel

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Israel Is a Cancer and Should Be Removed

Anti-Semitic Flyers Appear at CA Jewish-Owned Business

Man Carves Swastika in NJ Family's Yard

Pro-Israel Malaysian Teenager Arrested, Receives Death Threats

British Comedian Russell Brand Supports Israel Boycott

First Christian Arabs Graduate From Israel's Pre-Military Course

Anti-Israel US President Suspended Arms Sales to Israel

Hamas Fires Rockets at Israel In Between Ceasefires

Hamas TV Shows Terrorists Still Making Rockets

Muslims Riot, Force Police to Close Temple Mount

US Post Offices Rejecting Mail to Israel

Israel Says Iron Dome Has 90% Success Rate

IDF Arrests Hamas Terrorist Suspected of Planning Attack

IDF to Expand Counteraction in Response to Hamas Rockets

Hezbollah Claims Hamas Digging New Terror Tunnels During Ceasefire

Hamas Tries to Detonate IDF Missile, Kills 5 Including Italian Reporter

Britain Threatens to Suspends Arms Sales to Israel

Mayor of Illinois Town Refuses to Remove PLO Flag From Public Display

Northern Ireland Removes Plaque Honoring Late Israeli President

Israeli Tourists in Spain Find Jeeps Sprayed With Anti-Semitic Graffiti

IDF Ships Fires Warning Shots at Gaza Boat

Israeli Officials Slams Giving Hamas "Cash for Calm" Plan

UN Setting Up Anti-Israel Panel Headed by Anti-Semite

Garnier Donates Care Packages of Its Products to Women in IDF

ISIS Terrorist Reportedly Killed in Gaza Strip by Israel

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Israel's Cred Based on Life, Hamas' Based on Death

Israel Needs $5 Billion for Military

Israel Demands Demilitarization of Gaza Strip

Gaza Terrorists Shell Supply Crossing

Hamas Executes Dozens of Terror Tunnel Diggers

IDF Says Hamas Has Body of Israeli Soldier

Kurdish Activists Stand With Israel Against Hamas

UK's George Galloway: Israel Is Illegitimate Enterprise

Rabbi Shot Dead While Walking to Synagogue in Miami

Israel's Celebrity Defenders

Israel: We Won't Negotiate While Hamas Terrorists Fire Rockets

Thousands of Jordanians Attend Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Israel Rally

President Obama: Israel Too Strong, PLO Too Weak for Lasting Peace

President Blames Terrorism in Iraq on Public Feeling Alienated From Their Gov't

Radicals in Illinois March in Support of ISIS Terrorists

President Obama: Israel Has Great Military, I Don't Worry About Its Survival

Rising Anti-Semitism in Europe Called the Worst Since the Nazis

Hamas Launches 18 Rockets Into Israel; Israel Retaliates

Hamas Reveals Underground Terror Tunnel to Al Jazeera

IDF Finds Hamas Manual Telling Fighters to Use Human Shields

Hamas Conducting Ethnic Cleansing of Christians in Gaza Strip

PLO Officals Calls for Ethnic Cleansing of Israel, Jews

Stupid Fox News Reporter Supports Pro-Hamas CNN "Journalist"

South Africa Threatens to Prosecute Citizens for Serving in IDF

Hamas Threatens Israel: We Have More Weapons, Fighters

Israel Warns Hamas: You Fire on Us, We'll Fire on You

Hamas TV Urges Arabs to Dress Like Orthodox Jews for Suicide Bomb Attacks

Hamas Executes Dozens of Arabs for Collaboration With Israel

Israeli Hospitals Treating Wounded Arabs From Gaza Strip

Teens on Australian Bus Tell Jewish Children: Palestine Must Kill All Jews

Israel Demands Hamas Be Disarmed, Rejects Open Borders Policy

Red State: The Stupidity of Jimmy Carter and His Embrace of Terrorism

Israeli Official: If Israel Leaves Judea/Samaria, We'll Have Terror Tunnels

Debka File: Hamas Hurt But Not Vanquished

Israel: Hand of God Sent Missile From Hamas Into the Sea

Hamas Staged UNWRA School Bombing

John Kerry Calls for More Phony Peace Talks Between Israel, Terrorists

Phone Call Between John Kerry, Israel's Prime Minister "Abruptly Terminated"

Israel Demands Hamas Be Disarmed, Rejects Open Borders Policy

Coins From "Great Revolt" Found in Second Temple Era House

Red State: The Stupidity of Jimmy Carter and His Embrace of Terrorism

Israeli Official: If Israel Leaves Judea/Samaria, We'll Have Terror Tunnels

Debka File: Hamas Hurt But Not Vanquished

Israel: Hand of God Sent Missile From Hamas Into the Sea

Hamas Staged UNWRA School Bombing

John Kerry Calls for More Phony Peace Talks Between Israel, Terrorists

Phone Call Between John Kerry, Israel's Prime Minister "Abruptly Terminated"

UK Officials Attack Israel's Restrictions on Arabs in Gaza, Judea/Samaria

Journalists in Italy, India, Finland, France Expose Hamas' Murder of Civilians

Video: Not All Gazans Happy With Hamas

Google Bans Bomb Gaza, Bomb Israel Games

Israel Arrests Suspect in Kidnapping, Murder of Israeli Teens

Jimmy Carter: Israel Is to Blame for Hamas' Hatred of Israel and Jews

Hamas Agrees to Ceasefire, Then Calls for Third Intifada

Rocket From Gaza Hits House in Bethlehem

Iran: We Gave Missile Technology to Hamas

IDF Troops Return From Gaza: We Could Have Done More

Hamas Leader Mashaal Compares Attacking Israel to American Revolution

Terrorist Stabs Security Guard in Ma'aleh Adumim

Masked Rioters Attack Israeli Police Near Temple Mount

Hamas, Arabs Praise, Cheer Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

Geraldo Rivera Viciously Attacks Israel for Hamas' Killing of Kids

Israeli Official to TV News Anchor: What Would You Do in Our Place?

Arab Leaders Turning Against Hamas?

Spain Suspends Weapons Sales to Israel

Imam in France Criticizes Hamas

UK Medical Journal Bans Letters From Israeli Academics

UK Official Resigns Position Over Israel, Gaza Policy

Israeli Air Strike Kills Islamic Jihad Terrorist Leader

Israel Declares 7-Hour Truce

Israel Puts 1-2 Mile Buffer Zone in Gaza While Pulling Troops Out

Israel: We Could Have Taken Gaza in a Week

Muslim Mother Hopes Son Being Treated in Israeli Hospital Turns to Terror

Hamas Posts "Dead Jew Collage" on Twitter

PLO Claims Responsibility for Attack on Jewish Town

Terrorist Uses Tractor to Attack Crowd in Jerusalem, Kills One

Pro-Israel Rally in Manhattan Drowns Out Extremists

Terrorist Apologist Valerie Jarrett Attacks Israel for Child Deaths

President's Muslim "Champion of Change" Attacks Pro-Israel Activist

US Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison Votes Against Iron Dome Funding

Muslim Cleric in Italy Issues Call to Kill Jews

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Hamas Wants Israel Completely Destroyed

Jews Mark Tisha B'Av in Israel

Analyst: Hamas Has 3,000 Elite Soldiers Ready to Be Suicide Terrorists

Israel: No Truce, Won't Send Delegration to Cairo

IDF Strikes Kill Dozens in Gaza Strip

President Obama to Hamas: Release That Israeli Soldier

. . .Kidnapped Israeli Soldier Engaged to Be Married

US Senate OKs $225 Million for Israel's Iron Dome Anti-Missile System

Two Arabs Dead in Riots in Judea, Samaria

Hamas Breaks Ceasefire After Two Hours With Rocket Barrage on Israel

Hamas Used Ceasefire to Kidnap Israeli Soldier

8 Israelis Wounded in Hamas Mortar Attack

Hamas Prevents Arthritic Children From Getting Treatment in Israel

Five More Israeli Soldiers Lose Their Lives in Gaza

Israel Deploys Security Forces in Jerusalem to Stop Arab Rioting

Arabs Attack Woman in Jerusalem for Trying to Remove PLO Flag

President Punishes Israel, Suspends Visa Applications From Israel


Persia. . .shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land - Ezekiel 38:5, 16

Iran Vows to "Accelerate" Arming of Terrorists in Israel

Iran Claims to Have Shot Down Israeli Drone Near Nuclear Facility

Iran Holds Special Ceremony to Reveal New Missiles, Drones

Iranian Official Visits Saudi Arabia

Iran Supports Choice of New Iraqi Prime Minister

US, Iran Hold "Constructive" Nuclear Talks

Iran: We Gave Missile Technology to Hamas

Iran: We Will Hunt Down Israelies House to House

Boeing to Provide Plane Parts to Iranian Airline

Iran Holds Huge "Death to Israel" Rallies

Iran Cheers: Don't Stop

Iran Calls on Islamic World to Help Gaza

Iran Says It Needs More Nuclear Centrifuges


And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates. . .that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared - Revelation 16:12

China, Russia Hold Large Joint Military Exercises

China Plans to Unveil "Domestic Operating System" in October

China Tells US to Stop Spying

Chinese Jet Threatened US Intel Aircraft Near Japan This Week

China Repeatedly Tortured Human Rights Lawyer While in Prison

North Korea Fires Missiles as Pope Lands in South Korea

US, Australia Finalize Deal to Expand US Military Presence

China Rejects US Call for South China Sea "Freeze"

China's Website Confirms New Multi-Warhead ICBM

2,100-Year-Old King Mausoleum Discovered in China

Death Toll in China's Sunday Earthquake Rises to Almost 400

China Orders Demolition of Over 100 Churches in Zhejiang Province

John Kerry Excited About Cooperating With China on Climate Change

Japan Promoting Halal Tourism to Attact Muslims

China Reportedly Developing New Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Missile

North Korea Fires More Missiles Into the Sea

China Thinks It Can Defeat US


Son of man, set they face against Gog, the land of Magog. . .And I will. . .put hooks into thy jaws and I will bring thee forth - Ezekiel 38:2, 4

China, Russia Hold Large Joint Military Exercises

Ukraine Holds Military Parade, Rebels Display Captured Soldiers

Russia Announced Second Convoy to Ukraine

Ukraine Accuses Russia of Invasion After Aid Trucks Enter Country

Russia Forces Bloggers to Register With the Government

Ukraine Says Its Military Has Entered Rebel Stronghold of Luhansk

Ukraine Accuses Separatists of Attacking Column of Evacuees

Ukraine Destroys Part of Russian Convoy, Fighting in Eastern Ukraine

Russian Military Vehicles Enter Ukraine

Poland Holds Biggest Military Parade in Years

Russia Sends Convoy of Trucks to Ukraine

Ukraine's Army Surrounds Donetsk

Russians Force US Submarine Out of Boundary Waters

Russia Allows Edward Snowden to Stay for Three Years

Increase of Russian Bombers Trying to Enter US Airspace in Last Week

NATO, Poland Warn Russian Invasion of Ukraine Is Imminent

President on Russian Threat to Ukraine: When Is My Tee Time?

Moldova Protests Russian Troops in Transdniester Region

Russia Blocks Agricultural Imports From Western Countries

Russia's LukOil Pulling Out of Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia

Russian Crime Ring Steals Over One Billion Internet Passwords

American Spy Plane, Russian Jet Have Confrontation

US Sales to Russia Increase

Pro-Russian Rebels Suffer Setbacks in Ukraine

Russia Massing 15,000 Troops on Ukrainian Border

Obama Administration: Russia Firing at Ukrainian Military Targets

Hillary: The Russian Reset Worked!

Ukaine's Prime Minister Announces Resignation


The first was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked. . . - Daniel 7:4

TX Border Patrol Agents Seize Over $600,000 in Cash, Cocaine, Weapons

Michelle Malkin: Meet Ali Muhammad Brown, Muslim Serial Terrorist

ObamaCon Now Pays for "Gender Reassignment" Surgeries

Military Vet, Friend Severely Beaten in Revenge for Michael Brown Shooting

Local CA Cops Use Police Database to Hunt for Dates

President Delayed Rescue Mission for James Foley, Other American Hostages

Ralph Peters: US Has Signed Death Warrants of Hostages

Louie Gohmert: Lack of Border Security May Lead to Terror Attack on US

Retired Lt. General Calls for DefCon 1 Before 9-11 Anniversary

Intel Chairman: ISIS Terrorists Are One Plane Ticket Away from US

Democrat: We Must Give Illegals Amnesty or They'll Become Terrorists

Philadelphia to Open First All-Spanish Preschool January 2015

Nearly 1/3 of All Students in Tulsa, OK Speak Spanish, No English

Police Chief Gunned Down in South Texas

Unemployed Protest Federal Reserve in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

White House Defends President's Golfing: Sports Clear the Mind

ISIS Terrorists Make Threats on Chicago

FBI, Homeland Security Bulletin Asks Police to "Be Aware" of ISIS

Former Homeland Security Advisor: Very True ISIS May Be in US

OK Senator Jim Inhofe Says ISIS Is Plannng to Blow Up Major US City

State Department: War With America Is Not What ISIS Represents

Soviets in 1986 Give Lesson on How to Deal With Terrorists

Poll: Blacks, Hispanics Demand Tighter Borders, Access to Illegals' Job

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Bilks Taxpayers Out of Millions

White House "Repackaging" ObamaCon Abortion Pill Mandate

OK Schools Gets First Ever School Resource Officer

First Lady's Food Rules Forces School to Dump Beloved Pink Cookie

Washington Post No Longer Using "Redskins" for Pro Football Team

President May Give Visas to 800,000 Guest Workers, 90% of Americans Oppose

Letter Confirms Illegals Allowed to Fly Without ID

Chinese Jet Threatened US Intel Aircraft Near Japan This Week

Secretary of Defense Defends Disclosure of Failed Raid to Free Hostages

Secretary of Defense: ISIS Terrorists Are Threat to US

TX Governor Rick Perry: ISIS May Already Be in US Through Southern Border

Former General John Allen Warns US Must Eliminate ISIS Now

Mark Levin: Mr. President, Act Like a President or Get Out

Report Charges President Illegally Freed Taliban Terrorists

Californians Protest Los Angeles Police Drone Program

Judge Orders DOJ to Release Fast and Furious Documents to Congress

Defense Dept. Gave Over $43 Billion of Military Equipment to Local Police

FOIA Reveals Disgusting Behavior of EPA Employees in Denver Office

Witnesses, Forensics Show Ferguson Cop Had Injury During Brown Confrontation

Nationwide "Day of Rage" Rallies Over Ferguson Shooting Fizzles Out

Blacks Fall Further Behind Economically Under First Black President

Dr. Kent Brantley Recovers From Ebola, Released From Hospital

ObamaCon Scam Tax Forms May Delay Your Refund

Temple University Jewish Student Attacked, Called "Kike"

School Punishes Student for Saying "Bless You" After Classmate Sneezed

President Rushes Back to Golf Course After Statement on Foley Beheading

Nancy Pinocchio Exempts Her CA District From Water Restrictions

President Obama Knew ISIS Terrorists Planned to Murder James Foley

Report: ISIS Terrorists, Mexican Drug Cartels in Talks

Black Helicopters Swarm Over Minneapolis, St. Paul, Upset Residents

Over 109 Million Americans on Welfare

China Conducts Second Flight Test of New High Speed Missile

China Invades India

Border Patrol Agents Catch Convicted Sex Offenders From Central America

Most Victims of Crime in Washington, DC Are White

RINO Wins AK GOP Senate Primary

Republican Wins VA Special Election for State Senate Seat

Erick Erickson: Democrats in Coal States Disappearing

AG Eric Holder, DOJ Goes After NC Sheriff for Arresting Illegal Aliens

President Planning to Use EO's for Illegals to Appease Big Business

Iowa Jails Now Refusing Illegal Aliens

Black Americans Angry at President's Favoritism of Illegal Aliens

Watchdog Group Files Lawsuit, Accuses President of Blocking FOIA Requests

White House Hides Documents Relating to ObamaCon Website Security

Over a Dozen Witness Confirm Police Officer's Account of Brown Shooting

Radicals From Other States Ratchet Up Violence in Ferguson, MO

AG Eric Holder to Visit Ferguson in Order to Increase Racial Tensions

President Sends 40 FBI Agents to Investigate Brown Shooting

. . .Parties While Ferguson Burns

Two Teens Arrested, Charged in Beating of Pennsylvania Park Ranger

Social Security Gave $3 Million in Benefits to Dead Californians

Severe Drought Conditions Affect All of California

Federal Reserve Is Meeting in - Jackson Hole, WY?

President May Fire 8,000 Navy Senior Personnel

McDonald's Employees in Ferguson Hide in Storage Room Until Police Arrive

Al Sharpton Justifies Robbery: It Was Just Shoplifting

Solar Panel Farms Kill Birds in Mid-Air

MT Democrats Choose Radical Who Traditional Values as US Senate Candidate

Mexico Protest Texas National Guard Troops on US Southern Border

DOJ Forces MI Schools to Hire Arab Translators for "Immigrant" Students

IRS Contradicts Sworn Testimony on Lois Lerner's Hard Drive

NY Times Reporter James Risen: President Greatest Enemy to Press Freedom

Los Angeles Infrastructure Crumbling After Decades of Democrat Rule

Detroit Police Tell City Residents to Buy Guns

AG Eric Holder Orders Another Autopsy for Michael Brown

MO Governor Sends National Guard to Ferguson, MO to End Riots, Violence

Ferguson Convenience Store Manager Terrified of Being Murdered

ZeroHedge: We Are Witnessing the Collapse of the West

California Drought Killing State's Agricultural Belt

Al Gore Sues Al Jazeera, Accuses Middle Eastern Media Outlet of Fraud

TX Rancher's Biggest Fear Is Geeting Sued By Illegals Trespassing

Wars and Rumours of Wars: Only 11 Countries Free From Conflict

Video Game Hunts Tea Party Members

Chris McDaniel Files Legal Challenge in MS GOP Primary

Illegal Alien Kids Classified as Homeless to Avoid Enrollment Requirements

Second Wave of 30,000 Illegal Alien Kids to Hit in September, October

Rick Perry, FAA Disagree About Flying Drones Over Border

FBI Terrorist Sting Does Not Result in Conviction for Suspect

US Gov't Spends Millions on Films Showing Decapitated Heads, Sexual Acts

Tax Credits Spent on Doggie Day Care, Breweries

US Government Tax Revenues Hit Record High of $2.46 Trillion Through July

NC Parents Pull Their Kids From Public Schools Over Common Core

KY Parents, Kids Unhappy With First Lady's School Lunch Meals

CA School Forces Special Needs Students to Dig Through Trash

MO State Highway Patrol Takes Over Security in Ferguson

Congressional MI Democrat Hires First Openly Transgender Staffer

President on Vacation at Dance Party: I Could Have Danced All Night

AZ Sheriff: ICE Tells Us to Release Illegals, Treat Them as Citizens

President Secretly Put Illegals in VA Suburb

Illegal Fined Driving Without License, Allegedly Killed Boy With Machete

1,000 National Guard Members Head to Texas-Mexico Border

Louie Gohmert: President Wants Undocumented Democrats to Flood US

VA, Obama Administration Actively Looking for Gun Owner Vets

Pro-Second Amendment Milwaukee County Sheriff Wins Re-Election

Companies Desperate to Avoid ObamaCon Cadillac Tax

AG Eric Holder Uses Gov't Jets for Personal Trips

VP Joe Biden, Wife Arrive in Hamptons for Third Vacation in a Month

Police, Protesters Clash in Fourth Night of Rioting in Ferguson, MO

Police Run From Rioters in Ferguson, MO

FBI: Black Panthers in St. Louis Urging Violence Against Police

Video: Black Man Answers Ferguson, MO Rioters

French Foreign Minister Blasts Obama: People Are Dying & You're On Vacation

President Is Returning to Washington, DC From Ritzy Vacation

Seven Biggest Intel Failures Under Obama Administration

Illegal Aliens Charged With Kidnapping, Previously Deported Three Times

CO Residents Complaining of Marijuana Smell

KS Senator Pat Roberts Beat GOP Primary Opponent, May Not Win in November

Pro-Amnesty Activists Beg President to Illegally Legalize All Illegals

Lenient Judges Give Illegal Alien Children Amnesty Though US Court System

EPA: Indoctrinate US Students by Putting Solar Panels on Schools

US Gov't Spends $700,000 on "Vegetable Parenting Practices" Video Game

Rioters in Ferguson, MO Fire Multiple Times at Police Helicopter

Gun Sales Skyrocket in St. Louis Area After Rioting

New Los Angeles Clippers Owner Have Giving $600,000 to Gun Control Groups

Lauren Becall Dead at 89

Obama Administration Has Released 600 Illegals With Criminal Convictions

Dept. of Homeland Security Broke the Law by Releasing Criminal Illegal Aliens

President Lifts Ban on Libyans Attending US Flight Schools, Nuclear Science

AZ Crowd Mob Tucson Police to Prevent Arrest of Illegal Alien

TX Man Sics Dogs on Border Patrol Agent Chasing Illegals

NM Has Teacher Shortage as Illegal Alien Kids Swamp Schools

Dept. of Education: Illegal Alien children Entitle to Public Education

President's Dumping of Illegal Alien Kids in LA Overwhelms Courts

Border Patrol Agent: Illegals Fined $10 Then Return to US to Kill Us

TN's GOP RINO Senator Lamar Alexander Pushes Amnesty After Primary Win

Joe Miller Only AK GOP Senate Candidate to Oppose Amnesty

Poll: Americans KNOW Illegal Aliens Hurt American Culture, Economy

DEA Paid $850,000 for Private Info It Could Have Gotten for Free

President of Teachers Union Physically Threatens Common Core Opponents

AG Eric Holder Lost NC Voter ID Case

US, Australia Finalize Deal to Expand US Military Presence

President Obama: Conservatives Are Greatest Threat to US

Robin Williams Dead at 63 of Apparent Suicide

James O'Keefe Travels Back & Forth Across Rio Grande as Osama Bin Laden

Atlanta Schools Also Revolting First Lady's School Food Program

Sheriffs in Texas Border Counties Struggle With Illegal Alien Invasion

AZ Sheriff: My Officers Arrest Illegals Deported 12-15 Times

Victims of Illegal Alien Crimes Blast John Boehner's No Show at Border

NC Judge Rejects Challenge to Voter ID Law

Violence Engulfs MO Town After Police Kill Unarmed Teen

Nascar Driver Tony Stewart Hit, Kills Kevin Ward During Race

Hawaii's Governor Beaten in Democrat Primary

Bloomberg Spending $150,00 to Defeat WI Black Conservative Sheriff

Sheriff: Armed Mexican Gangs in Military Fatigues Marching Through Texas

El Salvador Robbery Suspect Arrested in California

Border Patrol Agent: Illegals Are Coming to US to Do Horrible Things

Border Patrol Agent: Drug Cartels Using Children as Human Shields

US Gov't Has No Receipts for Thousands of Lone Illegal Alien Children

Tens of Thousands of Americans Sign Petition Against Amnesty

Independent Panel: President's Military Cuts Leaves US Too Weak

With Major US, World Crises, President Will Still Vacation, Fundraise

State Dept. Hires Company to Prepare Officials for Congressional Hearings

KY GOP Senator's Wife Sits on Board of Group Trying to Kill Coal Industry

CNN Poll: Americans' Trust in Government at All Time Low

President Orders CDC to Allow Ill, Sick Illegal Aliens to Stay in US

Regions Near Mexico Border Most Crime Ridden in US

Illegal Alien Children Will Cost US Schools At Least $1 Billion a Year

ACLU Fights to Install Illegal Aliens in CA Town Despite Opposition

Immigration Official Arrested for Illegally Bringing Ghana Man Into US

VP Joe Biden Admits Border Invasion of Illegals Not Caused by Violence

ObamaCon Scam Official Suspected of Deleting Emails House Leaders Want

Over 20 Obama Administration Officials Have Lost, Destroyed Emails

IG Watchdog: Corruption Investigations Blocked by Federal Agencies

President Bashes US Human Rights Record in Summit With African Despots

USDA Uses Cotton Subsidies for Cars, Elephant Lamps, Artwork

Food Obsessed First Lady to Students: No One Really Cares What You Eat

TN GOP Senator Lamar Alexander Barely Gets 50% of Vote in GOP Primary

Nate Silver: GOP Leadership Should Be Worried About These Close Wins

Montana Democrat Senator John Walsh Drops Out of Senate Race

Gang Members Allowed to Stay in US, Morale Among Border Agents at New Low

VP Joe Biden Says Illegal Alien Kids "Are Our Kids"

President Won't Rule Out Giving Illegals Work Permits

President Wines and Dines African Dictators at White House

President: Terrorists Are Fighting for Their Rights

John Kerry Tells Africans Farms That Feed Starving Kids Cause Global Warming

President Promotes Homosexuality at African Leaders Summit

US Government Transparency Website Missing At Least $619 Billion

Millions of Uninsured Americans Exempt From ObamaCon Penalties

VT Ditches ObamaCon Website Vendor After Spending Millions

Berkeley Math Professor: Common Core Will Tank US

Dept. of Homeland Security Spends $450,000 of Your Money on Gym Memberships

WI Supreme Court Rules for Voter ID Law; Americans Support Voter ID Laws

US Government Spending $194,000 on Study of Male Sex Workers in Peru

MS GOP Rejects Chris McDaniel's Challenge in Cochran Cheating Primary

MO GOP Chairman Calls for Censure of Barbours Over MS Racist Attack Ads

Lobbyist for ATT, Sony Helps "Conservative" Pick His Staff

Texas Shelters for Illegals Overloaded

IRS Changes Rules to Allow Illegals to Keep Taxpayer Status

1,000-Member Secretive Progressive Journalist Group Exposed

OK: President Asking Us to Take Money From Our Own Children for Illegals

US Government Creates 400 New Federal Crimes Since 2008

Doctors Begin to Refuse Patients With ObamaCon Insurance

President Wants to Punish Companies Fleeing Oppressive Taxes in US

US Gov't to Spend $450,000 to Help American Indians Adapt to Global Warming

Liberterian "Liberty Kids" Shake Up GOP in California

Liberterian Justin Amash Survives GOP Establishment Attack in Primary

KS RINO Senator Beats Challenger But Can't Even Get 50% of the Vote

Rapes, Deaths, Police Pursuits Mark Illegal Alien Invasion at Southern Border

Book Claims President Refused to Help Get Rid of Illegal Guns

Ebola Comes to America: Ohio Woman Hospitalized

Two Illegal Aliens Arrested for Murder of Border Patrol Agent

Family Unit "Apprehensions" Up 493% on US-Mexican Border

Democrat Congressman Says Securing Our Borders Is Un-American

Video Clips of President Saying Amnesty By Executive Action Is Illegal

New Jobs in TN Since 2000 Have Gone to Foreign Workers, Illegals

President Dumps Illegal Alien Children in Virgin Islands

Illegals Invade Virginia, Washington, DC

TX School Principal Fired for Insisting Students Speak English in Class

Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out Against Illegal Alien Invasion

US Government Gave Americans $2 Trillion in Benefits in 2013

New York Man Tests Positive for Ebola Virus

Chris McDaniel Says Illegal Ballots Show He Beat Cochran by 25,000 Votes

Rand Paul: I Never Supported Ending Aid to Israel

FBI to Monitor News Outlets, Rate News Articles About Agency

White House: President to Give Amnesty to Millions of Illegals in September

Record Number of Illegal Aliens From Terror-Linked Countries Entering US

Signs in English, Spanish for Mexican Illegals Now Include Chinese

Illegal Alien Millionaire, Serial Felon Alfredo Garcia Finally Deported

Entire World Exploiting US Open Southern Border

NE Senator Warns Border Crisis Will Worsen in Fall, Winter

Steve King: Impeachment for President If He Gives Amnesty to Illegals

White CA School Teacher Attacked for Teaching "Cultural Studies" Class

30,000 Somalis May Back Challenger in Minnesota Democrat Primary

US Federal Department Climbs to $7 Trillion Under President Obama

President Orders CEO to Sit Down, Shut Up, Be Quiet

President Orders Whistleblowers, Assigns Them Basement Offices

American Jewish Voters Turning to GOP After President's Support of Hamas

TX Governor Rick Perry Preparing for 2016 Presidential Campaign

Reason's Nanny of the Month

No More School Bake Sales: First Lady Successfull in Outlawing Sweets

More Corpses of Dead Illegals Found in Texas Near Border

Rancher Shows Shocking Pictures: Obama Has Blood on His Hands

President Flying Illegal Alien Children to Alaska

Border Bill Passes House

. . .Lawless President Promises to Act Illegally

President to Fire 550 Majors in Military

President Calls Bush-Era CIA Tactics "Torture"

ND Single Mom Returns Wallet With $1,000 to Teach Daughter Lesson in Honesty

Boehner Tries to Resurrect Amnesty Border Bill

GOP Leaders Attack Ted Cruz for Opposing Amnesty Bill, Schedule Re-Vote

President Gives Suites, Flat-Screened TVs to Illegal Aliens

. . .More Perks for Illegals

Suspect in CA Murder on USC Student Is Illegal Alien

Border Patrol Agent: Giant Gaps in Laredo Border Sector

80% of US Population Growth Is From Illegals, Resources Diverted

Muslim Sue US for Their Citizenship "Rights"

Poll: GOP Support for Border Security Most Important to Voters

Study: Hundreds of Rules Passed by Obama Administration Are Illegal

WI Supreme Court Upholds Scott Walker's Signature Legislation, 5-2

Cantor Resigns From Congress So Successor Can Take Seat in November

Party President Parties With Katie Perry While World Melts Down

America Melts the Phones, Forces House GOP to Cancel Vote on Amnesty Bill

Chicken Pox Shuts Down Facility Housing Illegal Aliens

AZ Sheriff: Over 120,000 Illegal Aliens Arrested in the Tucson Sector


Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. . .All these are the beginning of sorrows - Matthew 24:7-9

Terrorists in Libya Seize Tripoli Airport

Syrian Terrorist Group Releases American Hostage

Content Warning: Terrorists Murder 70 Sunnis at Iraqi Mosque

Iraqi Troops Advance Toward ISIS-Held Towns of Sa'adiya, Jalawla

ISIS Justifies Massacre of Yazidis: We Told Them to Convert to Avoid Death

ISIS Terrorist Who Promised to Raise Terror Flag Over White House Now Dead

British Female Citizen Joins ISIS, Lobbies for Right to Kill as Terrorist

Pakistanis Take Over Goverment Buildings, Demand Resignation of Prime Minister

Death Toll in Syria Rises to Over 191,000

British Citizen Beheaded Journalist James Foley

US Military Tried to Rescue Foley, Other Americans Last Month

New Map of Middle East Shows ISIS-Controlled Areas

British Citizen Beheaded Journalist James Foley

US Military Tried to Rescue Foley, Other Americans Last Month

New Map of Middle East Shows ISIS-Controlled Areas

Egyptian Court Convicts Israeli, Jordanian of Spying

Four Beheaded Corpses Found in Sinai

ISIS Terrorists Reportedly Behead American Journalist James Foley

. . .Threaten Another American Journalist With Death

Al Qaeda in Yemen: We Announce Solidarity With Our Muslim Brothers in Iraq

German Official Accuses Qatar of Aiding ISIS Terrorists

Yazidis Desperate to Leave Iraq

84-Year-Old Yazidi Woman Crawls for Two Days to Escape ISIS Terrorists

Iraq TV Host Cries on Live TV Over Christian Refugees in Iraq

Iraq Keeps Pumping Oil Despite War With ISIS Terrorists

Iran Preparing to Invade Iraq?

ISIS Terrorists to US: We Will Drown All of You in Blood

Israel: Qatar Will Soon Be Second Largest Sponsor of Global Terrorism

US Defends Arms Sales to Turkey In Spite of Hamas Ties

Saudi Arabia Executes Four for Drug Smuggling

Iraqi Forces Retake Mosul Dam

ISIS Terrorists Kills 700 People From Syrian Tribe

UK's Prime Minister Warns ISIS Terrorists on Their Way to UK

Explosions Heard in Tripoli, Unidentified Warplanes Fly Over Libya

Boko Haram Terrorists Kidnap 97 Men, Boys in Nigeria

Saudi Woman to Receive 50 Lashes for Insulting Morality Police

Maliki to Resign as Iraq's Prime Minister

Thousands of Yazidis Still Trapped on Mountain

ISIS Terrorists Forcing Christians, Yazidis Into Sexual Slavery

President on Vacation at Dance Party: I Could Have Danced All Night

Yazidi Parents Cut Their Hands to Let Thirsty Children Drink Their Blood

Pentagon: We Don't Need to Rescue Anyone in Iraq

ISIS Terrorists Destroy Shi'ite Shrine in Syria With Bulldozers

Pro-ISIS Terrorist Leaflets Handed to Shoppers in London

Towns on Turkish-Iraqi Border Fearful From ISIS Terrorists

Pro-Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Flood London

ISIS Terrorists Theaten to Attack US

Bombing of ISIS Terrorists in Iraq Unlikely to Make Much of a Difference

President Obama Sends More American Troops to Iraq

France to Send Weapons to Kurds

US Considering Rescue Mission for Yazidis Trapped on Mountain by Terrorists

Thousands of Yazidis Fight to Take Few Seats on Helicopter to Escape ISIS

Iraqi Military Helicopter Crashes Delivering Aid to Iraqis

Iraqi Refugee: People in Mosul Welcomed ISIS Terrorists, Drove Out Christians

Egypt Holds Arms, Trade Talks With Russia in Cairo

. . .Asks Russia for Anti-Tank Missiles, Warplanes

Terrorists Leave Other Terrorist Groups to Join ISIS in Iraq

Maliki Orders Troops Into Baghdad Streets as Political Crisis Deepens

Iran Supports Choice of New Iraqi Prime Minister

ISIS Bomb Instructor Detonates Suicide Vest in Calls, Kills 21

UK Now Conducting Air Strikes Against ISIS Terrorists

President's White House: We Are Not at War With Terrorists

President Obama: I Ended the War in Iraq

Coup in Iraq?

Iraq's Highest Court Rules in Favor of Maliki

ISIS Terrorists Push Kurds Out of Jalawla

US Sending Arms to Kurds Fighting ISIS Terrorists

ISIS Terrorists Bury At Least 500 Yazidis Alive; Others Told Convert or Die

US Lawmakers Warn ISIS Terrorists Could Reach US Soil

President Obama Then: I Ended Iraqi War - Now: Not My Decision to Pull Troops

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan Elected as President

Women Stoned to Death in Syria for Adultery

Kids of Jailed Pastor Saeed Abedini Make Personal Plea to Obama

Who Are the Yazidis?

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Advance Despite US Airstrikes

US Military Conducts Second Humantarian Airdrop for Iraqi Refugees

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorist Kidnapping Hundreds of Yazidi Woman in Iraq

. . .Crucifying Children

. . .Burying Children Alive

US to Iraqi: ISIS Is Your Problem, Not Ours

US State Dept. to Iraq: Iraqis Must Stop Being Victims of Genocide

GOP: Americans Fighting With ISIS Could Return to Attack Us

Terrorist Flag Flies in London Neighborhood

Egyptian Court Dissolves Muslim Brotherhood Party

Saudi Arabia Confirms First Ebola Death

Turkey's Prime Minister Scolds Female Journalist: Know Your Place!

US, Turkey Bomb ISIS Targets, Airdrops Supplies to Stranded Iraqis

France Also Promises Military Support to Fight ISIS in Iraq

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Beheading Children in Iraq

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Line Up Muslims in Syria, Shoot Them in the Head

President Obama in 2011: We're Leaving Behind Stable, Self-Reliant Iraq

President Obama in January Called ISIS Terrorists the B Team

John Kerry: US Acting, Leading in Iraq

John Bolton: The World Is Descending Chaos Under President Obama

ISIS Terrorists Seize Christian Towns in Northern Iraq

Kurds Beg World for Airstrikes Against ISIS Terrorists, Humanitarian Aid

ISIS Video: We Won't Stop Until Flag of Mohammed Flies Over White House

President: Terrorists Are Fighting for Their Rights

Kurds Fight ISIS Terrorists in Arbil

Iraqi Female Lawmaker Collapses in Parliament, Begs for Help From ISIS

Shock in Saudi Arabia: Female TV Anchor Appears Without - Gasp! - Covering

Afghan Soldier Murders US Major General in Cold Blood

. . .At Least 15 Wounded

ISIS Terrorists Using Secret Tunnels to Prepare for Attack on Baghdad

40 Children Killed in Northern Iraq

ISIS: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Democracy

Egypt Plans to Build Channel Parallel to Suez Canal

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Capture Town in Lebanon

ISIS Terrorists Remove Cross From Church, Fly Islamic Flag in Iraq

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Capture Iraq's Largest Dam, Oilfield, 3 Towns

ISIS Terrorists Targeting Saudi Arabia's Intel for Assassination

Lebanese Flee From Syrian Terrorists

Libyans Protest Against Militias in Tripoli

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Stop Coed Classes at Mosul Universities

Al Qaeda ISIS Terrorists Want to Destroy 840-Year-Old Muslim Monument

Terrorists Seize Benghazi Army Base in Libya, Kill 30

Return to 18th Century: Europe Pays Ransom to Muslim Terrorists


And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name - Revelation 13:17

Surveillance Systems Creators Offer World Governments Ability to Spy on You

French President Dissolves Government

UN Spends Millions on Anti-Terror Programs in Somalia With No Oversight

Unemployed Protest Federal Reserve in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

British Citizen Beheaded Journalist James Foley

UK Lawmaker Proposes Arresting Husbands for Non-Violent Domestic Abuse

Israeli Ambassador Defies UK's "Israel Free Zone"

Illegals From India Try to Enter UK in Shipping Containers

Aid Workers Flee Africa From Ebola

ZeroHedge: We Are Witnessing the Collapse of the West

UK Department Store to Sell Hijabs as School Uniforms

Travelodge, One of UK's Largest Hotel Chains, Removes Bibles From Rooms

Wars and Rumours of Wars: Only 11 Countries Free From Conflict

Britain Threatens to Suspends Arms Sales to Israel

Northern Ireland Removes Plaque Honoring Late Israeli President

Pro-ISIS Terrorist Leaflets Handed to Shoppers in London

Alexander the Great-Era Tomb Unearthed in Greece

President Bashes US Human Rights Record in Summit With African Despots

Armenia, Azerbaijan Fight in Breakaway Province

Spain Suspends Weapons Sales to Israel

Imam in France Criticizes Hamas

UK Medical Journal Bans Letters From Israeli Academics

UK Official Resigns Position Over Israel, Gaza Policy

Netherlands Bans ISIS Terrorist Flag After Surge in Anti-Semitism

Woman From Sierra Leone Collapses, Dies at London Airport From Ebola

Muslims Angry BBC Held Hog Roast Under Windows of Arabic TV Service

UK Heart Doctor: Let the Elderly Die

Hamas Supporters Block London Tunnel, Display Al Qaeda Flags

Arab-Owned Supercars Hit London Streets

Hungary Returning to Tyranny

Report: Surveillance Programs Hinder Journalists, Lawyers

Breitbart Report: UK Schools Facing Muslim Takeover

UK Retailer Tesco Bans Goods From Israeli Settlements in Judea, Samaria


Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you. . . - Matthew 24:9

Boko Haram Destroys 5 Churches in Nigeria

President: Terrorists Are Fighting for Their Rights

Return to 18th Century: Europe Pays Ransom to Muslim Terrorists

Boko Haram Terrorists Kidnap Wife of Cameroon's Deputy Prime Minister

Boko Haram Bombs Catholic Church in Nigeria, At Least 5 Dead

French Police Foil Muslim Plot to Blow Up Eiffel Tower, Louvre

Boko Haram Terrorists Gang Rape, Shoot Christian Schoolgirls


For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled - Luke 21:22

Shock in Saudi Arabia: Female TV Anchor Appears Without - Gasp! - Covering

Muslims Angry BBC Held Hog Roast Under Windows of Arabic TV Service

Breitbart Report: UK Schools Facing Muslim Takeover

President Obama Defends Religious Freedom of Muslim Extremist

Muslim Prayer Rug Found on Mexico-Arizona Border

Japan Promoting Halal Tourism to Attact Muslims

President Has 72% Approval Rate Among Muslims

60 Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Escape Boko Haram Terrorists


Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service - John 16:2

AR Pizza Parlor Offends Atheists By Offering Discount to Churches

Churches That Abandon Traditional Morals, Values See Decline in Membership

School Punishes Student for Saying "Bless You" After Classmate Sneezed

Psychiatrist: Transgenders Have Mental Disorder, Sex Change "Impossible"

Kirk Cameron: Christian Actors Should Have Higher Standard

Teacher Omits God From Pledge of Allegiance

Iraq TV Host Cries on Live TV Over Christian Refugees in Iraq

Study Finds Biblical Command to Love Your Neighbor Is Good Heart Health

UK Department Store to Sell Hijabs as School Uniforms

Travelodge, One of UK's Largest Hotel Chains, Removes Bibles From Rooms

GOP Rejecting Conservative Evangelicals

Kevin Sorbo Warns Hollywood Will Go Out of Business

Congressional MI Democrat Hires First Openly Transgender Staffer

GA Town Stands Up to Atheists, Holds Prayer Rally on Football Field

Atheists Threaten GA High School Football Team Over Pre-Game Prayers

Navy Removes Bibles From Guest Rooms

Atheist Gives "Atheist TV" Bad Review

Judge Rules NM City Must Remove Ten Commandments Monument

MO National Guard Banned From Meet & Greet at Bible Camp

The Heritage Foundation: How Christians Are Opting Out of the ObamaCon Scam

Pope Francis Reinstates Marxist Priest Suspended by John Paul II

GA Mall Orders Christians to Stop Praying Over Their Meal

NC Restaurant Offers 15% Discount for Those Praying in Public

Christian Romance Movie Offers Alternative to 50 Shades of Grey

Red State Critic Wants Americans to Support Religious Rights of Satanists

China Orders Demolition of Over 100 Churches in Zhejiang Province

Federal Appeals Court Allows Display of World Trade Center Cross

Boko Haram Bombs Catholic Church in Nigeria, At Least 5 Dead

Scientists Accuse UK Government of Dishonesty Over "GM" Babies

US Doesn't List Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam on Religious Freedom Blacklist

President Defends Polygamy in Obama Family


And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven - Luke 21:11

6.0 Earthquake Damages Parts of Napa Valley, CA

Tropical Storm Cristobal Moves Through Caribbean

Massive Hail Storms Dumps Two Feet of Ice on Mexico City, Rain Causes Floods

27 Dead in Japan From Landslides

Severe Drought Conditions Affect All of California

Thousands Stranded, One Dead in California Mudslides

2014 Coolest Summer on Record in US

Los Angeles Driest Since 1877

Typhoon Kills At Least 10 in Philippines


But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased - Daniel 12:4

Hotels Introduce Robot Butlers

Second of Three Supermoons Will Appear Over Miami This Weekend

New Bluetooth Shoes Vibrate to Give Wearer Directions

US Military Developing Tiny Pocket Drones as Spy Tool

Electronic Devices Containing Nickel Causing Rashes, Blisters in Users